Chargers and batteries conditioning stations – ZAS and KAS

Major specifications:

- Universal devices for group or individual charging (discharging) of acid and alkaline traction starter and stationary batteries;
- Automatic stabilized IU characteristic according to DIN 41773;
- Manual undercharge I2 parameter;
- Automatic switch off at the end of charging (discharging);
- Step-by-step selection and fine tuning depending on the type of battery of voltage and charging (discharging) current.

Options: Micro-processor controller and Ah meter.


- Battery service centers;
- Service shops and shops selling battery powered trucks and batteries;
- Batteries and battery powered trucks manufacturers;
- BDZ – in the depots carrying out permanent monitoring of the condition and serviceability of acid and alkali batteries; for training cycles resulting in desulphurization and de-carbonization; br /> - Ministry of Defense bases. Charging stations for road vehicles, air bases and airports – standard airbase serviceability test.

Technical description for chargers stations – ZAS pdf
Technical description for batteries conditioning stations KAS pdf